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Good habits make good people

June 16th, 2016

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    I’ve been wanting to write something about self-improvement for a bit but didn’t find anything worth writing about, until today. I was reading about the power of habits and how much good habits can improve your life without much effort. The definition for a habit according to JSTOR is “ a more or less fixed way of thinking, willing, or feeling acquired through previous repetition of a mental experience.” that means that as soon as an action becomes integrated into your mind, your body won’t even wonder if it likes it or not, it will just accept it. Scientifically speaking, puts it that way: “Everything we do (and think, for that matter) is governed by impulses firing across synapses, or spaces between certain cells that guide communication in the brain. When any behavior or pattern is repeated enough, the synaptic pathways associated with that pattern get used to being accessed. As a result, it becomes easier for impulses to travel along those pathways, and the behavior seems ‘natural.’ “   That’s the power of habits, once it’s engrained  in your mind that something is gonna happen, your body will follow without a fight.
    Of course getting good habits is hard. For example, I started waking up at 5:30am every week day so that I could accomplish more for myself however, it took me several days to do so, often waking up to turn off my alarm, and falling back asleep. I have to say, setting good habits should take a few weeks of daily repetitions, but once it’s set you will happily rip the benefits of that good habit! Actually here are advice to start setting good habits:

    • Take small steps. Don’t try to do everything at once. (start exercising once, then two-three-four times a week, but not from 0 to 4, unless you’re a warrior!)
    • Only try to change one habit at a time. Focus is important.
    • Write down the habit you want to change, and write down specific plans for achieving that goal. (writing it will help you visualize it which will help you achieve it!)
    • Repeat the behavior you’re aiming for as often as you can. The more a behavior is repeated, the more likely it is that it will become “instinctive.”

    Now that you know how to set good habits, I will tell you what most people consider to be good habits:

    1. Waking up early (I wake up at 5:30am but everybody’s different…)
    2. Exercise (try 30 min at least 4 times a week, it’s better than 1hour twice a week)
    3. Review or Rewrite Your Goals (try to set short/medium/long term goals, write them and visualize how you’re gonna get to it. Do that everyday.)
    4. Read and/ or Listen to Motivational Material (Try Audiobooks on youtube)
    5. Check the News Headlines
    6. Blog (if you can/want; it could make you more creative, new friends, or even generate you some income.)
    7. Take Time to Look Good (people are judgy, but it’s mostly for yourself, looking good makes you feel important, which shows in the way you interact with people)
    8. Snack Well (it’s a bit self-explanatory, but we all get a little hungry one or two hours before lunch time, so why not popping a banana instead of some sugary stuff)
    9. Connect with Nature (It’s always good to remember where we’re from, or just escape your noisy neighborhood. Instead of going to the gym maybe some day you could go hiking or running outside?)
    10. Take Time for yourself
    11. Tidy Up the house (My dad always told me that my bedroom was the reflection of my mind, I believe that too…)
    12. Say “I love you”, whether you have someone in your life or not, remember to remind people you love them, not just on Facebook… One of the most common regret of dying people is having lost touch with those they loved…
    13. Go to Bed At A Reasonable Time (It helps waking up early, snaking less and some other stuff…look it up!)

    That’s about it. I hope this helps someone…Let me know if you think I forgot something.