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Hello, I'm Emmanuel but people call me Manu. I create clean and simple websites from the heart of Los Angeles,CA.


Originally from Nantes in France, I came to L.A straight out of High School. I started out at Santa Monica College and went on to pursue a B.A in Statistics at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). There I discovered the joys of staring at a screen full of numbers and making sense of it through coding. Unlike most coders, my first experience coding was with R-studio, a statistical analysis software. I graduated in 2012 and by then extanded my knowledge of coding to websites. I now create Wordpress websites from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript. I also do a lot of template customization and similar work on request.
Besides work, I talk about various topics right here on my blog and try to help other fellow coders by sharing my resources. On the week ends, you can often find me Paddleboarding, hiking, doing Yoga, or playing Tennis. However If I'm tired, you will most likely find me on my couch playing GTAV, but the fastest way to get in touch would be for you to contact me. Just sayin'...


Custom Websites

Need a website that fits your business purpose? I'm your man!


Responsive Design

Already have a website? Do you want it to adapt to the screen size it is viewed on? I can change you website code so that your existing site is perfectly viewable on any screen. Resize your browser on this page to see what it does.


Anything Wordpress

Template Setup, Customization, add-ons.If you already found an existing template that you love but don't want to have the same website as anybody else, this option is for you. I can setup and modify any Wordpress template.


Small Business Websites

I often help small businesses to get online without breaking the bank. I have a lot of resources to offer businesses the website they need at a price you can't beat-> $39/month only!


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