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Hello, I'm Emmanuel but people call me Manu. I create clean and simple websites from the heart of Los Angeles,CA.


The short version is that I'm an expert at custom WordPress & Shopify development. If you need help with customizing or developing a theme from scratch or even just need to add functionalities to your WordPress or Shopify site, I can definitely do it!

Originally from Nantes in France, I came to L.A straight out of High School and ended up pursung a B.A in Statistics at the University of California Los Angeles (UCLA). There I discovered the joys of staring at a screen full of numbers and making sense of it through coding. Unlike most coders, my first experience coding was with R, a coding language for statistical analysis.After graduating I extanded my knowledge of coding to website development. I've created completely custom WordPress websites from scratch using HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, jQuery and PHP. I also do a lot of template customization and similar work by request.

Besides work, on the week ends, you can often find me kayaking, hiking, working out, or playing tennis. The fastest way to get in touch would be for you to contact me here.